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  • YORKSHIRE PUDDINGS | Vegan Christmas

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  • how to make vegan Yorkshire puddings…

    RECIPE FROM – http://smarturl.it/VeganChristmas

    Subscribe – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCF-ACPYNN0oXD4ihS5mbbmw?sub_confirmation=1

    #VEGAN100 – https://www.smarturl.it/Vegan100

    One of the most requested recipes I’ve ever received! Vegan Yorkshire puddings. Ive got a recipe for you! Took me a while but I finally got it right. Your Vegan Christmas is complete! A very simple recipe too.

    Thanks @davidclulow for sponsoring the video – https://www.davidclulow.com

    Ninja Blender! – http://geni.us/ninjablender
    Bowls & Crockery – http://geni.us/nomliving
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    avantgardevegan says:

    FLOUR not FLOWER (wasn’t me) sorry 😅 enter the give away guys ❤️ hope everyone is good! Big Love Gaz

    Я ВЕГАН says:

    Thank you for the very good video!☺️👍

    kayley everitt says:

    This is bloody epic!!!

    Ryan Kerindongo says:


    Megan Elliott says:

    Can't wait to make this for my friends and fam! Such a winner🔥🔥 #fluffiestveganyorkshires

    Zoë W says:

    Definitely be making these Christmas day 😍 #TheFluffiestVeganYorkshires

    Scarlet Trinitty says:

    Hey Gaz, come to Brazil!!!

    LizzieDripping says:

    Hi Gaz. This is hilarious 😀 I am from Yorkshire & make this every Sunday. Make one giant pudding, rises so much it nearly lifts the top of the oven off. Crispy bottom. Interesting to see how a chef takes a simple staple & elevates it to something posh.

    Johanna Woodbury says:

    Despite the fact there were some price wars going on right now in Airlines (cheap flights), I don't think I could make it to London from America this month. Too bad!

    thatb3nbloke says:

    #thefluffiestveganyorkshires Look great! Deep muffin case definitely the best in my experiments too!

    Florence Grumitt says:

    How about a vegan Yorkshire pudding wrap ????? Mmmm #thefluffiestveganyorkshires

    Ben Spragge says:

    I just got your book "Vegan 100", which I'm excited to try! But #thefluffiestveganyorkshires look so good!

    Alice Sabrina says:


    SqualieM21 says:

    Would you consider this to be a brunch or breakfast food aswell ???

    moominjean says:

    Amazing recipe again 🌱❤️

    Sara Frøstrup says:

    They remind me a bit of the danish Christmas delicacy called "Æbleskiver" or "Aebleskiver", which is pretty cool. They look tasty af, differently gonna try them out! Thanks for the recipe 🙂

    Ricarda Sieber says:

    #TheFluffiestVeganYorkshires I follow you since a few weeks and I absolutely love what you do. I would love to become vegan but when you still live with your parents it isn't easy

    samosapowis says:

    They looked nothing like the thumb nail

    Nesrin says:

    #thefluffiestyorkshirepuddings ♥️♥️♥️

    Miss Marie Boo says:

    “My VEGAN beef recipe video, sorry”.
    It’s very annoying that you(everyone basically) need to put the name vegan before every single meal/ingredient.
    People know you are vegan, there’s no need to repeat the word a thousand times, tho…..

    Sam Struyven says:

    anyone knows where the background music comes from?

    Bethany Taylor says:

    Can’t wait to try this recipe! You’ve outdone yourself! #TheFluffiestVeganYorkshires

    debra Brickus says:

    We used to call these popovers. When my mom made Yorkshire pudding she poured the batter into the pan drippings(meat of course). She used a lot of eggs in it. Anyway it was delish. I'm vegan now so I don't eat them. Your recipes looks good.

    Chrissi Starski says:

    Dear Mr Avant-garde Vegan,

    Thank you for your video, I'm very grateful you have chosen to make Yorkshire puddings. They looked great, so much so I think I was having flashbacks to Yorkshire puddings.
    I'm still not getting imstagram even though food with you seems like a blast.
    Keep it going dude.

    Ann says:

    I didn't know it was possible.

    holls says:

    This is everything. ❤️😍🌱

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