Learn all about tempeh. What tempeh is, how to cook it, and the best super delicious tempeh recipes. 

Tempeh is one food that confused me for a long time, but has now become a staple that I adore. It’s a quick and easy nutritious way to add protein to your diet. A few years ago while perusing Trader Joe’s I noticed packages of tempeh next to the tofu. Tempeh, I thought, “what is tempeh?”  The first couple of times I made tempeh I did not like it at all, but thankfully I kept trying it prepared differently and now I absolutely love it. Though it may seem strange at first, tempeh is actually easy too cook and a fantastic high protein addition to many recipes. 

The first tempeh dish I tried and loved happened to be at the Whole Foods deli counter, where they were selling spicy BBQ sauce covered tempeh. My daughter and I bought a few slices and loved it. After that I started making my own Easy BBQ Tempeh at home. Then, about a year ago while trying SunBasket, I discovered another favorite tempeh recipe: Vegan Caesar Salad with Tempeh Croutons. Oh my goodness was that delicious! I even made a coypcat Vegan Caesar Dressing for your based on that dish. 


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