The Vegetarian Thukpa is a classic soup like dish from North Eastern Cuisine and also very popular in Leh Ladakh. This is a special edition recipe, that is adapted from celebrity Chef Saransh Goila best selling book. Watch the video of me in action along with Chef Saransh where we cook the Thukpa from his bestselling book “India On My Platter”.

Some classic vegetables which are added to the thukpa are radish, tomatoes, spring onions and spinach leaves. You can add other vegetables of your choice as well. Garlic added to the Thukpa also adds more flavour to the the broth. It is a great recipe to have when your feeling sick or want something to warm you up on a cold day. 

Serve the Vegetarian Thukpa Recipe hot along with Vegetarian Momo Recipe-Steamed Dumplings/A Street Food from the No for a relaxing Sunday Meal.

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