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  • VEGAN Thanksgiving Recipe: Vegetarian Sausage Rolls | Edgy Veg

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  • Learn how to make super simple vegan sausage rolls! These sausage rolls are the perfect vegan snack for your Christmas party! Easy to make, and great for storing and heating up later!

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    itscrisyo says:

    these look SO delicious! your recipes are always so good!!!!

    I maybe a stinky loser, but says:

    vegans are retarded

    VIOLYNCE says:

    who else waited for the countdown to get to zero at the end to see what'd happen and then it was nothing LOL…

    Skylar says:

    Doesn't puff pastry have butter in it?

    airyfairycelt says:

    Thank you. I do many wraps for I love my vegetables, nuts and seeds. I am not good at vegan pastry. I can do the one with egg (awful!) for my husband but I do not touch any of that.

    airyfairycelt says:

    Oh I was getting happy and then…. Vital wheat, sigh. Nothing for gluten free then? One offered rice flour as a maybe and others categorical as just no sub. What do you think? And, yes, I am really going for my range of sausages for loaves, hot dogs, and patties as gf, vegan, yeast free is hard and I do not want processed packets at all. Things to freeze with herbs or spices really add to the diet don't they?

    TheKarime12 says:

    where can I find the beef bouillon?

    Isabella Dugarte says:

    Magic 🙂 <3 Thank you so much!

    Rahel Erki says:

    Can you please open a vegan fast food chain?

    TheMisterMonkeyman says:

    My daughter got my wife and I to start eating better, which led to all three of us becoming vegan. As you know, when you first make the transition it is difficult to find recipes for foods that you actually like. We made these rolls and the honey-mustard dipping sauce, and they were a huge hit. Even with our families over the holidays. So thank you for helping us along our path. Thankfully there are quite a few people sharing great recipes here on Y.T. Keep up the good work, and we'll keep trying the new recipes. Peace.

    Ronin says:

    your videos are really entertaining, you got character also thank goodness for vegan recipes =)

    InstantCrazy1 says:

    I had to play this twice just to be sure you said puff pastry is always vegan,and then I had to make this face O_O Puff pastry is almost always made with butter.

    Lauren Butler says:

    What nut can I substitute for almonds for this recipe? I'm allergic 🙁 thanks!!!

    skyephoneix says:

    Puff pastry is actually traditionally made with butter, some variants are made with lard.


    why do you not have directions ?? or ingredients list??

    HellthyJunkFood says:

    wow, didn't know this was possible awesome

    Laura Castillejos says:

    Please link the dijon dip, I can't seem to find it 🙂 Thank you! 

    avancruz says:

    I've been unable to find vegan puff pastry, every brand that's available uses butter.

    Jovanka Ciares says:

    Will a non-gluten flour work? Or will it crumple? Thanks for the great video. Sharing on my playlist!

    Fueled by Fruit - High Octane Living says:

    In the Netherlands, puff pastry is frequently not vegan. Must read labels over here! 🙂

    Epiphanystone says:

    They look so nomtastic.

    Espurrrxd says:

    yummy! Ugh, why do all vegan recipes require nuts?!! I'm allergic!

    The Real Kitty Loves Wheat says:

    Candace- My husband just said you talk like me, lol. I can never find vegan puff pastry dough. It always has eggs and/or dairy. Bummer

    tamcon72 says:

    I'm not Canadian, nor British, so these aren't part of my holiday food lexicon, but I will make these, yes I will!  My meater guests will never know what's missing ; )  Wonder if that will get me coal in my stocking?  Maybe I should make vegan peanut butter cookies for Santa as a bribe, I mean insurance, insurance. Thanks for posting!

    Roo says:

    What is that pastry called? Puff pastry? Sorry, I didn't get that, I think.

    Porcelain1 says:

    Wow, WHO wouldn't love these?? I love making food like this, getting compliments, then hitting them with the V word! 
    Compassion, yes, you can! 
    This kitchen here, HAS to be a set, is it? 🙂

    Russell Ess says:

    Not sure what's better – your jokes, or the "english" closed captions!

    H S says:

    Fun fact: the long edge on a triangle is called the hypotenuse

    Mary's Test Kitchen says:

    You always make the best stuff. Don't ever let go of the cheeeeeeese

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