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    • Martha Stewart Partners with Payless to Launch Vegan Leather Line December 13, 2018
      Media mogul Martha Stewart recently partnered with budget shoe brand Payless to create exclusive vegan collection “Martha Everyday.” The 12-item line features styles such as slingback, flats, kitten heels, mules, and sandals—all made with animal-free suede and patent leather—in colors ranging from basic black to festive “gliver” (a combination of gold and silver). “I am […]
    • <i>Top Chef </i>Winner Michael Voltaggio Develops Vegan Osso Bucco for Crossroads Kitchen December 13, 2018
      Chef Michael Voltaggio—winner of the sixth season of culinary competition show Top Chef—recently developed a five-course tasting menu for Los Angeles vegan restaurant Crossroads Kitchen. The menu ($65 per person) features Voltaggio’s inventive plant-based takes on traditionally meat-centric Italian dishes. The first course is playfully called “Mushrooms Pretending to Be Chicken Liver Mousse” and is […]
    • Jamba Juice to Offer More Vegan Protein and Milk Options December 13, 2018
      Smoothie chain Jamba Juice will soon offer more plant-based protein and dairy-free milk options, according to Katrina “Kat” Cole, Chief Operating Officer of North America for Focus Brands—parent company of Jamba Juice, Cinnabon, Auntie Anne’s, and other food brands. Cole is a business phenom who rose from working as a Hooters waitress to president of […]
    • Vegan Christmas Cookies Debut at Trader Joe’s&nbsp; December 12, 2018
      Trader Joe’s debuted vegan “Twinkling Trees” cookies nationwide over the weekend. Each eight-ounce package ($3.99) comes with eight pine-tree shaped sugar cookies dusted with sugar crystals. During Halloween, the company debuted “Glimmering Pumpkins” vegan sugar cookies as a seasonal treat. In November, the grocery chain debuted a host of plant-based products, including Cocoa Peppermint almond […]
    • Vegan Foods Are Most-Ordered Trend on Uber Eats in 2018 December 12, 2018
      Delivery services Uber Eats named plant-based foods the top trend of 2018 in its year-end report. Based on internal data, the company revealed that out of the top 20 food components in dishes ordered through the service in 2018, many included vegan foods such as avocado, toast, kale, tofu, hummus, and coconut. “The power couple […]
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    • Satisfy Your Taste Buds With A Delicious Meal Of Hari Mirch Maas And Pudina Pulav December 16, 2018
      Want to eat something delicious and easy to make? Then this meal plate is apt for you which includes a mouth watering combination of Rajasthani Hari Mirch Ka Maas and Mint Coriander Spiced Pulao. This is served along with some sliced pickled onions and a roasted Papad. You can also serve a Raita or Salad […]
    • Dal Kabila Recipe - Diabetic Urad Dal Tadka December 16, 2018
      Dal kabila is a popular Mughal dish which is made with split urad dal. You can use either white urad dal or even split black urad dal to make this dish.  This is a one pot dish where the urad dal is cooked along with whole spices, dry red chilies, onions and tomatoes and spice powders […]
    • Scrumptious North Indian Dinners Ideas Perfect For Winters December 15, 2018
      As seasons change, along with our attire, our eating habits too change to adapt to the weather. The best season for food is the winters. During the winters we are able to digest better and eat fresh seasonal produce available during this time of the year. Winter meals usually are heavy, enriched with ghee, whole […]
    • Chicken Yakitori Recipe - Japanese Chicken Skewers December 15, 2018
      Chicken Yakitori Recipe is a Japanese chicken appetizer, with sweet and spicy notes.  Succulent cubes of chicken are marinated in a delicious tangy sauce made with soy sauce, vinegar, some red wine and brown sugar for those sweet notes.  Grilled on a pan and served with a sauce made with the remaining marinade.  A winner recipe. […]
    • Give These Lip Smacking Continental Fish Meals A Try For Weekend Dinner December 14, 2018
      When it comes to a non - vegetarian diet , our choices are endless. From chicken, mutton, fish to prawns, pork, beef, squid, crab, lobster and what not. Amongst them all, fish is said to be relatively a lot more nutritious than the rest of them.
  • 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS PLAYLIST: https://tinyurl.com/yay36aqf

    OTHER CHRISTMAS RECIPE PLAYLIST: https://tinyurl.com/y95lkmwq

    Every year more and more houses have a vegetarian or vegan sitting at the Christmas table, it can be stressful for the cook who has only ever had to serve one diet as there’s a bit of change in the ritual that is Christmas dinner. BUT WE’RE HERE TO HELP!! Our 12 days of Christmas is here to take the stress out of feeding your loved ones this Christmas we’re going to upload a delicious vegan Christmas recipe every day for 12 days. Whether the whole house is vegan of just yourself this will make for big smiles at the dinner table.

    We went all out for this vegan roast beef, we’ve never even seen one of these before. It came to us in a dream and we knew we’d have to do it. It’s a really impressive hunk of food to see and it’d make the perfect Christmas main.

    Tune in tomorrow for another recipes video and please share this with everyone you think would benefit from the videos.

    Written recipe: https://thehappypear.ie/recipe/vegan-roast-beef/

    All the best,
    Dave & Steve.

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    Preorder our 100% plant based cookbook for happiness here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Recipes-Happiness-David-Flynn/dp/1844884252

    Vegan Rainbow Meal Prep is a really handy way to make sure you have all the amazing minerals, vitamins and nutrients you should be getting on a daily basis. It's all really easy to make and you should have it done within the hour and all the recipes are just as good as stand alone meals. Let us know if you'd like more meal prep recipe videos in the comments.

    All the best,
    Dave & Steve.

    Subscribe to our channel: http://goo.gl/Pa9iv1

    More great recipes: https://www.thehappypear.ie
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheHappyPear
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/thehappypear
    Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/thehappypear/
    Instagram: https://instagram.com/thehappypear
    Snapchat: thehappypear



    Cheryl says:

    Best episode I've seen yet. Mash the bejeesus out of it >.<.

    kindinot says:

    Are you going to do this 2018?

    kindinot says:

    Are you twins?

    Degauss says:

    It is not enough to be a beautiful and sexy man, life gives us two of them. and they also know how to cook. I'm in love with both, they're so hot, lol. I love you guys, thanks for helping me with my food, you two are the best.

    Brendan Dunne says:

    What can you use instead of gluten?

    Deborah Laukaitis says:

    Made this dish and it was incredible thanks guys 🙂

    Skeptical Simmy says:

    "Ohh la la, la beef steak!" LOLOL!

    gulliegreenday says:

    Made a try out version last night and it tastes delicious. Thanks for the great recipe you guys. Enjoy your Christmas diner(s)

    JoJo Hamilton says:

    Happy Winter SOLSTICE…:-) 🙂 🙂

    JoJo Hamilton says:

    No need to use String, just fold!

    JoJo Hamilton says:

    A Cheese Cloth as opposed to Tin Foil!

    JoJo Hamilton says:

    Nutritional Yeast WITH B12! 🙂

    Heidi H says:

    Is there any gluten free alternative for the Vital wheat gluten?

    Claire Fanchon says:

    Hello, please can u say : "a la soupe" on your next vidéo 🙂

    Barbara Carbone says:

    Wow…that's a masterpiece!!

    plantae tivoli says:

    Love that does not hold perfectly. Or it would be all gluten. Lentils or other beans/legumes lend this juicy/creamy texture that makes all the difference in old fashion seitan in the 21st century, which I'm barely familiar with. Peace, ALWAYS, Raquel

    plantae tivoli says:

    I will be in Paris between Feb 5-9th Feb ,1918. Old lady w/ lots of cooking knowledge and passion for veganism. If you're in London and up for grabs, time wise(which I doubt) leave a comment and I'll try to keep in touch. Love & Peace from upstate NY

    James Robbins says:

    Happy Pear this honestly looks so so good. Im not vegan but I rarely eat meat and I defiantly need to try this. Seems like a good party dish even after the holidays

    T. L. Chivz says:

    Lads I think you need to do a full on Happy Pear Vegan Christmas recipe book. [Unless you've already done one and it's not on the shelves round my way] Your others changed my eating for the better despite being Vegan for a few years. [Struggled to not be living on restricted endless 'beans and….' type things.] Christmas is now the one time of year I struggle with. It's hard to find good substitutes for the old Christmas foods from when I was a carny!

    locksmanful says:

    Brilliant 😋

    Sharon Pearson says:

    Vital wheat gluten. .. if youre in New Zealand like I am.. bin inn sell it free flow

    Lana Carter says:

    I went out and bought vegan pastry puff today! So excited to try these recipes, honestly !

    Kirali says:

    you know what I would ADOOOORE about this whole 'VEGANISM' thing?? if everyone would just stop using dead animal terms for meals that are not from animals ………………….!!!!!!!!!!

    Laura Wright says:

    is there anything i could use to substitute the wheat gluten? (i have coeliac disease) normally i just use gluten free flour, but would that work with this recipe?

    Miriam Schiro says:

    So yummy looking omw thank you guys! 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

    ThatDamnBlonde says:

    All i could think about this episode is how attractive they are

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