Vegetarian Journal includes the column Veggie Bits where we evaluate new vegan products. Recently we reviewed items including Millet Tots from Rollin Greens. Our write-up states:

“Want a tasty alternative to tater tots? Try Millet Tots in
three flavors: Original: With Sea Salt & Onion Flake; Italian Herb: With
Garlic & Basil; and Spicy-Sweet: With Poblano Chili & Sweet Potato.
They seem too indulgent to be nutritious — but with all organic ingredients and
a whole-grain millet base, they’re a perfect substitute for tater tots. We
especially loved the Italian Herb and Spicy-Sweet varieties. All would be even
more delicious dipped in tomato sauce, vegan ranch dressing, agave mustard, or
vegan tartar sauce. The Spicy-Sweet Millet Tots are delicious by themselves,
with a smooth texture and a spicy kick. Kids will love the Italian and Original
flavors. They can do double duty as delicious gluten-free croutons. Find them
in the freezers of natural foods stores for about $5-6. See:”

Vegan Product Reviews From Vegetarian Journal—Millet Tots And Pop Zest Nutritional Yeast Seasoning

We also tasted Flavor Train’s Pop Zest Nutritional Yeast
Seasoning and said the following:

“Flavor Train’s Pop Zest Nutritional Yeast Seasoning is the
perfect addition to popcorn, salads, pasta, anything! As a lover of nutritional
yeast, I didn’t think you could get better than that cheesy goodness, but I’ve
been proven wrong. There are three flavors in the Pop Zest family, each with
their own unique taste. Olive Oil and Herb is like a classic Italian seasoning,
Artisan Cheese is a buildable cheese flavor, and Butter is the smooth buttery
taste you lust for, without the overly greasy texture of vegan butter. We
recommend adding a sprinkle of Artisan Cheese and breadcrumbs to baked mac and
cheese, or adding Olive Oil and Herb to steamed veggies and pasta. And the best
part — they’re fortified with vitamin B, including B12, so you get between
30-35% of your daily requirement with 1 teaspoon! The seasonings are also
low-sodium, making them okay to add to pre-salted popcorn. These seasonings can
be found online at
and via Amazon and Vegan Essentials. You can also find them in stores such as
Down to Earth Markets in Hawaii, Lucky’s Market, Clark’s Nutrition, Lassens
Natural Foods, and Alfalfa’s Market.”

You can read the entire column here:

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