Find out how to make fresh basil pesto! The best dairy free vegan pesto recipe for pasta and more takes just a few minutes and requires a handful of ingredients. 



Some of my favorite recipes come about while cooking with my kids, and this recipe is the same.  About a year ago, my 8-year-old wanted to make fresh basil pesto and was using this classic recipe from Simply Recipes. We had big beautiful bunches of fresh basil and the result was the most delicious pesto. A few minutes after tasting it, my daughter realized we hadn’t added the Parmesan. We couldn’t believe how tasty it was without and decided not to add it at all. The result? Naturally vegan pesto! 

Sauces, spreads, and dips are such a great way to elevate dishes, that it’s worthwhile to know how to make some from scratch. Our fresh tomato salsa, green tomatillo salsa, Thai peanut sauce, tahini sauce, and perfect classic hummus are prime examples. If you’re looking for more information about traditional pesto, check our our first pesto post. For a higher protein pesto, check out our Pea Pesto


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