Day 1685 Compassionate Eating/Raw Vegan/Fruitarian/Lissatarian/Whatever! WHAT I EAT IN A DAY || MANGO EDITION + RECIPES || RAW FOOD VEGAN Lunch Recipe: 2 mangoes 3 dates 1 small bell pepper 1 Roma tomato 1/2 tsp apple cider vinegar 1 Tbsp chia seeds 1 lemon juiced 1 Tbsp nutritional yeast 1/8 tsp red pepper flakes 1/2 […]

Vegan Puff-Pastry Bakes

GET THE RECIPE BOX: GET THE RECIPE: Flaky and crisp puff pastry wrapped around a lovely warm juicy filling. Here we have a pastry bake loosely based on the hearty classic Cornish pasty, with swede, potato, mushroom and onion. And then the undeniably tasty sausage, bean and cheese bake. Great for lunch, dinner and hey, […]

Lunch Box Recipes: Moong Dal Paratha And Beetroot Carrot Raita

Making kids and office lunch boxes healthy yet interesting seems challenging, but not really, with a little bit of thought and planning everything is possible. Here is one such wholesome kids lunch box which has recipes likes Yellow Moong Dal & Onion Paratha served with healthy Beetroot Carrot Raita.

corn fritter & roast vegetable recipe ♡ vegan friendly & gluten-free

kia ora, earthlings!! this is a recipe video of how to make the most bomb corn fritters that are plant-based, soy-free and gluten-free. the written recipe is on my blog ⇨ !! ♡♡♡ instagram: tumblr: blog: ⚛Watch in HD & THUMBS UP FOR MORE VIDEOS LIKE THIS⚛ ♥︎COMMENT YOUR THOUGHTS & WHAT VIDEOS YOU WANT […]

Office Lunch Box Menu Plan-Bengali Aloo Jhinge Posto Curry,Punjabi Bhindi Kadhi & More

Here is a healthy, balanced and delicious Office Lunch Box Menu Plan of Bengali Aloo Jhinge Posto Curry with Steamed Rice and  Homemade Yogurt, Punjabi Bhindi Kadhi with Gawar Phali Methi Ki Sabzi and Phulka, Sabsige Soppu Kootu with Carrot Poriyal and Steamed Rice, Gobi Musallam with Phulka and Boondi Raita and Thakkali Sadam with Tomato Onion Cucumber […]

Spring Vegan Recipes for Lunch and Dinner

Beyond the fruits and vegetables at the market, the core recipes I make are cyclical. During the winter months I go heavy. Extra cheese, butter, and more pasta than I care to admit. Then, when spring comes around, I find myself overly craving fresh and loads of greens. Why Spring Vegan Recipes? I also find […]

Meal Prep Friendly Tofu Tahini Lunch Salad

My current GI rotation features fast days and a fully packed schedule. It’s not uncommon for my preceptor and I to have new patients on the hour, every hour, for the entirety of our work day. Lunches usually get eaten quickly, often in the spare minutes between appointments. Lunch breaks have seldom been leisurely this […]

Green Moong Pulav With Vegetables | Kids Lunch Box Recipes

School Lunch Box Ideas & Recipes: Green Moong khichdi is something that all of us make at home, but all that I did to this recipe was to add some spices and made it a little like a pulav, along with vegetables. Pack the lunch box along with curd rice or with plain curd and papad […]

Vegan Pandesal aka Filipino Bread Rolls – SO FLUFFY!

We are taking it back to Jasmine's childhood and making this classic Filipino recipe vegan! These soft, fluffy and perfectly sweet bread rolls are great for anytime of day 🙂 – OPEN FOR MORE + THE RECIPES – ⋇ Find the full recipe for the Pandesal here: ⋇ Vegan Filipino Chicken Adobo: ⋇ Vegan Filipino […]

Chilli Gobhi (Semi Gravy) & A Secret Tip | Chinese Food Love | Vegan Recipes by Tulika

Hi Guys, Do you love chinese? My new recipe is "Chilli Gobhi" with semi greavy and its too easy to make at home. Watch my more videos: So enjoy my video and try this recipe. Follow me on twitter: Instagram: Pinterest: Enjoy, Like, Share, Comments. #chinese #chilligobhi #thegreenbowlstory Watch My Other Recipes On Below Links: […]