Fresh Fruit Bowl Recipe

Fresh Fruit Bowl Recipe is a simple bowl full of seasonal fruits chopped to bite size. This is a bowl full of healthy vitamin and lot of water content that can give an instant energy boost. Fruit bowl is usually served as it is for a mid morning snack or along with Home Made Breakfast Granola […]

Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie bowl, a delicious and super healthy breakfast recipe, made with just 3 ingredients in less than 5 minutes. Add your favorite toppings and enjoy! A smoothie bowl is just a regular smoothie served in a bowl. It’s usually eaten with a spoon and served with some toppings like fruits, nuts, seeds or shredded coconut. […]

Broccoli Oats Smoothie Bowl Recipe

Broccoli Oats Smoothie Bowl is a healthy and satisfying dish to have for breakfast. Starting the day with a healthy breakfast is the best thing you can do for your body. A healthy wholesome start refreshes your body and also your mind. This bowl of smoothie promises to meet all your daily nutrition requirements. Smoothie […]

What I Eat When I’m Sick | FullyRaw Vegan

Check out the Four Sigmatic mushroom teas that I talk about in this video and get 15% off your order by clicking here: ❤ On my way back from Bali, I got a massive sinus infection that left me pulling out all of my protocols to bring me back to balance. This video is ALL […]

Buddha Bowl With Poblano Tahini Sauce

This Buddha Bowl with Poblano Tahini Sauce is from Mostly Plants: 101 Flexitarian Recipes with the Pollan Family. It’s perfect for an easy dinner or meal prep it ahead of time to enjoy as a weekday lunch. Happy Friday! I’ve been going a little stir… The post Buddha Bowl With Poblano Tahini Sauce appeared first […]

Açai Bowl

Açai bowl, a flavorful breakfast or snack. It only requires 3 or 4 ingredients and is ready in about 5 minutes. Enjoy with your favorite toppings. Açai bowl is one of the most delicious healthy breakfasts I’ve ever tried. It was a huge trend a few years ago, but it’s still really popular and a […]

Avocado & Egg Brown Rice Bowl

This recipe is inspired by a breakfast rice bowl called Tamago Kake Gohan that we ate over and over again during our trips to Japan. Its name translates to “egg rice,” and that’s basically what it is – a raw egg mixed into piping hot rice. Don’t be scared – the hot rice cooks the […]

Savoury vegan breakfast bowl

What an exhausting long (it was a four day Bank Holiday here in the UK) weekend this has been! We have spent it almost entirely doing wall prep (3 days!!) and painting (1 day) our guest bedroom and we were dead people walking at the end of yesterday. When we ventured out for dinner last […]

Tempeh Buddha Bowl

If you like cooked vegetables, you will love these beautiful Buddha bowls with squash, fresh spinach, tempeh, and quinoa. All of the lovely vegetables in this bowl give it so many vibrant colors. With a vegetable protein like tempeh, this version of a Buddha bowl is one of my favorites. Continuing reading Tempeh Buddha Bowl on […]

WHAT I ATE TODAY | Birthday in Hawaii! Spice Up Your Vegan Salads!

What I Ate Today in Hawaii! Raw Vegan Style! In this video, I share with you a day that I spent in Hawaii for my birthday, and I also show you how to make 5 different dressing and sauce recipes that you can use on your salads, as a dip, over zucchini noodles, and more! […]