EPIC HIGH PROTEIN BOWL | 50G VEGAN PROTEIN | what I eat after working out.

THIS IS MY GO TO POST WORK OUT MEAL!!!! maybe with out the avocado rose..but I hope you appreciate the guide on how to make it. 50g VEGAN PROTEIN IN 1 MEAL!! Ingredients 170g Smoked Tofu (16g protein) Satay Sauce Drizzled Vegetable Oil 2 Spring Onions, chopped fine 1 Clove of Garlic powder 1 tbs […]


EASY VEGAN 1 POT MEALS THAT TASTE GOOD!! NEW MERCH – MY BOOKS – incredible 1 pot tomato vegan pasta & 1 pot Asian broth! Ninja Blender! – Bowls & Crockery – t-shirt from @scrtco Don't forget to hit Subscribe & Follow me on all of my social media accounts for the latest updates… FOLLOW […]


epic vegan breakfast burrito recipe, filled with scrambled ackee, potato rosti, bbq beans, plantain & loads more. NEW MERCH – recipe- MY BOOKS – This is the 10th episode in season 9! In todays video I make the most epic vegan breakfast burrito you will see, filled with then best vegan scrambled egg replacement you […]

VEGAN POUTINE | Canada’s national dish veganised!

I MAKE A VEGAN VERSION OF CANADAS NATIONAL DISH POUTINE & IT WAS UNBELIEVABLE NEW MERCH – Written Recipe – MY BOOKS – This is the 8th episode in season 9! This video is dedicated to the incredible people I met last year when I attended Montreal vegan festival. I did a cooking demo in […]


INCREDIBLE VEGAN MAC & CHEESE 3 WAYS CRISPY FRIED, SMOKEY SQUASH & CLASSIC WITH COCONUT BACON. NEW MERCH – Written Recipes – MY BOOKS – This is the 8th episode in season 9! Today im showing you how I make MAC & CHEESE.. not just one way but 3 ways. Cheesy Classic Mac & cheese, […]

THE BEST VEGAN EGGS BENEDICT | hollandaise sauce recipe

The perfect weekend vegan brunch.. NEW MERCH – RECIPE FROM THIS BOOK – This is the 7th video from season 9 & I'm showing you how to make the perfect breakfast! VEGAN EGGS BENEDICT. I have seen lots of people recreate eggs Benedict but nothing will compare to this recipe. It's as traditional as possible. […]

LOW COST VEGAN MEALS..that actually taste AMAZING!

Vegan meals on a budget is the topic of todays video! NEW MERCH – Written Recipes – MY BOOKS – This is the 6th episode in season 9! Today I'm going to show you two lovely family sized meals that don't break the bank to make but are also extremely tasty. I make a beautiful […]


I EAT LOTS OF VEGAN FOOD IN LOS ANGELES!!! Subscribe – Books – #VEGAN100 – Christmas book OUT NOW – There are some great vegan restaurants in LA, so many infact I couldn't make it to them all.. but here are the ones I made it to!! Filmed using – WATCH IN 4K PLEASE FOLLOW […]

VEGAN FRENCH ONION DIP | Easy Vegan Party Food | French Onion Dip Recipe | The Edgy Veg

Make the famous Ruffles French Onion Dip recipe vegan! This vegan version of the popular ruffles chip dip recipe is super authentic and easy to throw together for your next party. Do you want more vegan fast food or comfort food copycat recipes? Let me know in the comment section below. GET THE RECIPE: BUY […]


IM BACK WITH THE BEST VEGAN MEATBALL RECIPE EVER! Subscribe – Recipe – I'm starting season 9 off with my Vegan Meatball Recipe made from scratch! These meatballs I created are honestly the best I've had in my entire life, they are so meaty packed full of flavour and go perfect with a fresh, rich […]