Suran Fodi Recipe is served as an accompaniment with a vegetarian thali in Goa. Semolina crusted sliced yam that are pan fried to a crisp, these Fodi make  delicious, crunchy appetisers too. Yam is normally found in the Goan markets during the rainy season, but this vegetable has a tendency to cause itching, which can be eliminated by soaking it in salt and later applying tamarind. This procedure is important when cooking Yam. Even while cutting it, apply tamarind paste or coconut oil to your hands to avoid itching. Shallow fry the rava coated yam in a pan and serve.

Serve it during snack time or as an accompaniment to Steamed Rice, Sangacho Ross and Maskachi Bhaji for an authentic Goan vegetarian meal.

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