My favorite time has come, it’s time for another Love Goodly review!  Their latest box was pretty awesome and contained some great things, including one of my new favorite oral health items.  If you have no clue what Love Goodly is, it’s a subscription box that sends you a variety of vegan and cruelty-free health and beauty items to try out.  You can check out some of my other reviews to learn more.  Now, let’s get to the good stuff!

Alka-White Alkaline Mouthwash Tablet

I’m going to start with my favorite product in this box.  Most of my life I never really thought about what was in my toothpaste or mouthwash.  I mean, I wasn’t eating it, so it didn’t really matter, right?  Wrong.  There can be some pretty nasty ingredients in these items and you’re sticking them in your mouth every day.  So I’ve started using better toothpaste and mouthwash full of natural ingredients.  These mouthwash tablets are AWESOME!  First of all, they cut down on waste with their packaging.  Second, they are full of naturally good for your teeth/mouth ingredients like turmeric and coconut oil.  Both of these ingredients help with inflammation and are anti-microbial.  Both great things for your mouth.  They also help whiten your teeth and help with sensitivity.  I’ve noticed a difference in the whiteness of my teeth and this is a product I will definitely keep using.

Delia Organics Creme de la Cream Body Whip

With summer and warm weather right around the corner, it’s time to think about lightening up your moisturizing options.  This body whip is extremely lightweight but still helps your skin stay soft.  I also love the cinnamon sugar scent.  I’ll be using this after long days in the sun to make sure my skin stays hydrated.

100% Pure Blur Bamboo Powder

I was really excited to try out this product.  It is meant to help your face have a smooth and even complexion.  Unfortunately for me, I felt like it really dried out my skin.  They say you can use it over makeup or alone.  I don’t ever wear foundation or heavy makeup, so maybe my bare skin was just a little too sensitive for it.  It did, however, make my complexion very even, so I did like that.

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Cocoa Butter Matte Lipstick

I did LOVE this lipstick from 100% Pure though.  I got the Aubergine shade (it also comes in Cacti and Sahara) and it was great.  The color was nice and rich plus it stayed in place all day even with eating and drinking.  It also did not dry out my lips like some matte lipsticks tend to do.  That might be because it’s made with cocoa butter, shay butter, and vitamin E.  I will definitely keep this for the very few times I wear lipstick!

Angie’s Boom Chica Pop

I always see this in the grocery store but never get it.  Until now.  I got the Sweet & Salty Kettlecorn flavor and I am now addicted.  It’s the perfect balance of salty and sweet plus it’s made with non-GMO popcorn, vegan, and certified gluten-free.

If you’re looking for a way to find products that are good for you and the environment, then Love Goodly is the best thing ever.  I have found some of my favorite brands and products through the Love Goodly Box.  I love that they support Farm Sanctuary with every box and I love that everything you get is eco-friendly, non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-free.

Spring Into Beauty With The Love Goodly April/May Box

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