Leftover whole wheat Rotis get a spicy Makeover in this Spicy Roti Taco Bowls recipe. For the Spicy Roti bowls,leftover rotis or phulkas are crisped up by baking them and then filled with a spicy filling of refried beans, Salsa/salad and sour cream-akin to the Mexican Taco bowls.

You can pretty much fill the bowls with anything you like, right from leftover vegetable curries to just salads. A scrambled Paneer or Tofu filling is a great option too. Just take care that the filling does not make the bowls too soggy. This is a great snack for fussy kids where they can eat the bowls as well! For a kid friendly version you can cut down on the heat.

Serve the Spicy Whole Wheat Roti Taco Bowls as a an appetizer or a snack for parties along with Red Wine Sangria Cocktail Recipe.

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