A traditional Sindhi recipe – the Sindhi Sai Bhaji Recipe, is a healthy yet delicious one pot dish, that is popular in almost all Sindhi households. A wholesome dish that’s packed with lentils, greens and a pot load of other seasonal vegetables.

A nutritious and a balanced meal, it is cooked to perfection with just the right amount of spice and tempered with ghee and garlic. This dish can be had as a meal in itself or served with phulkas or rice. 

The Sai Bhaji in itself makes a wholesome diabetic meal on its own and you can serve it optionally along with Bhakri for a diabetic lunch or dinner. The addition of Spinach, Methi, Vegetables and all the dals, makes it a fibre rich and protein rich meal for diabetes.

‘Sai” in Sindhi means ‘green’ and ‘bhaji’ like we all know means vegetables. 

Serve this Sindhi Sai Bhaji Recipe with Sindhi Koki and Sindhi Bhuga Chawal Recipe and Lauki Raita Recipe for a complete Sindhi Rasoi-meal. 

You could also serve Sindhi Sai Bhaji Recipe along with Jowar Jo Dodo Recipe – Sindhi Sorghum Roti and Gajar Shalgam Ka Paani Wala Achar Recipe for a simple weekday lunch. 

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