Rose Lassi is a rose flavored sweet yogurt drink which is filling and super refreshing. Summers are here and the days are getting hotter day by day and this is the season when our body gets dehydrated and requires a lot of fluid intake.

Though there are lots of energy drink and refreshers, we get in summers but the most delicious and easiest of them is Rose Lassi. For making Rose Lassi we just have to blend a good quality rose syrup, curd and water along with sugar to taste. It is topped with chopped pistachios to add some crunch in the Rose Lassi.

There are many variations to making this Rose Lassi. Some people also use rose petals to make the Rose Lassi.

In case you want to use homemade curd to make the Rose lassi then follow How To Make Homemade Yogurt – Curd.

Serve Rose Lassi during the Holi festival or any special occasion with Mirchi Bajji and Matar Samosa Chaat to your friends and family.  

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