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Since you are here, I’m going to take a wild stab and guess you are an avid fan of Planet Earth, Blue Planet, and Our Planet. There was a period of my life, circa 2013-2015, when I watched Planet Earth episodes religiously after dinner, Sir David Attenborough’s voice crooning me to sleep.

Now, there’s a chance for you to wear your love of BBC documentaries on your sleeve (literally). London-based sustainable fashion label Mother of Pearl has teamed up with BBC Earth to launch a capsule line inspired by those visionary documentaries. Translation: A sustainable fashionista’s dream come true.

Founder Amy Powney sought inspiration from iconic BBC photographs and botanical drawings to come up with the 9-piece collection in peace silk, eco-friendly dyes, and certified organic textiles. The result is far from what you might at first imagine from the words “BBC Earth”: Safari chic, khaki pants, and animal prints, this is not. Instead, the bold polka dots and bold florals, pretty wrap dresses, and easy wide-leg pants evoke the beauty of nature in a lyrical way.

The new collection is a culmination of Powney’s efforts to transform her brand’s environmental footprint in the past few years. When she won the British Fashion Council/Vogue Designer Fund Prize in 2017, she put her entire £200,000 ($250,000) prize money to greening her supply chain. The brand embraces as much natural and organic fibers as possible, using synthetic fibers (which leech microplastic into our oceans and general environment) only when no other alternative is available. The brand also uses recycled wool and humanely harvested wool, and chooses mills that has low water consumption and low chemical use. They are also transitioning to plant-based, biodegradable packaging materials from plastic. The brand’s studio is plastic-bottle-free and runs on solar power, and provides healthy vegetarian lunches to employees so they can all save on their lunch packaging footprint. Sounds like a dream office, no?

Without further ado, let’s do a deep dive into the clothes themselves. Yes, please!

PSA: You Can Now Wear Sustainable Fashion Collab By BBC Earth & Mother Of PearlFloral Print Organic Peace Silk Mini Dress

This high-low hemline bears an elegant resemblance to a sari and would look amaze on a nomadic-glam traveler. It also has a slimming effect on the lower body, which is always a Do in my book. Young patrons’ night at the museum? Weddings? Garden parties? There’s no occasion where this dress wouldn’t be impeccable.

PSA: You Can Now Wear Sustainable Fashion Collab By BBC Earth & Mother Of Pearl

Faux Pearl-Embellished Organic Peace Silk Wide-Legged Pants

Sailor pants are back in a major way, and this version with off-white tabs held down by faux pearls just feels so fresh. These pants would be extremely professional worn with heels and a clean, white shirt. Or, take the more bohemian approach with an on-trend one-shoulder top, statement earrings, and a colorful clutch. Style it in a sexy, beach-y way under a halter bodysuit. Finally, why not break out your Breton stripe tee and go all out with the marinier theme? (Think chic like Jane Birkin—not Sailor Jerry.) One pants, 4 completely different looks. 😮 - PSA: You Can Now Wear Sustainable Fashion Collab By BBC Earth & Mother Of Pearl

PSA: You Can Now Wear Sustainable Fashion Collab By BBC Earth & Mother Of Pearl

Nyler Organic Peace Silk Crepe Polka Dot Top

A flowy top only “looks” high maintenance—it’s actually one of the easiest and most useful items in the closet. The delicate pleating around the neck and front adds just enough design interest to an otherwise classic concept. Got a date and you’re unsure whether “drinks after work” means something serious or totally casual? Put this on, add jeans and midi-heels, and look like you “tried” but only so effortlessly. Keep the rest of your makeup fresh and simple, and opt for stained red or berry lips to complement the graphic and bold concept.

Finally, while you’re at it, indulge in a little midday BBC documentary break with this short film produced in collaboration with Mother of Pearl!

What do you think of Mother of Pearl x BBC Earth collab?


Photo: Mother of Pearl

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