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    • Vegan Race Car Champ Lewis Hamilton Asks 13 Million Fans to Boycott Dolphin Shows October 11, 2019
      Vegan race car champion Lewis Hamilton condemned the exploitation of marine animals for entertainment while visiting Japan to compete in the upcoming Japan Grand Prix. Hamliton—who is becoming a prominent voice for animal rights—took to Instagram to urge his 13.1 million followers to boycott attractions that feature marine animal performances. “So I’m back in Japan, […]
    • Antibiotic Resistance in Farmed Animals Nearly Tripled Since 2000 October 11, 2019
      Antibiotic resistance in animals exploited for food globally has nearly tripled since 2000, according to a recent report published in the Science journal. Researchers from ETH Zurich, the Princeton Environmental Institute, and the Free University of Brussels examined nearly 1,000 publications and unpublished veterinary reports to find that from 2000 until 2018, antibiotics used to […]
    • Vegan Soul Food Eatery Sells out in Six Hours on Opening Day  October 11, 2019
      New vegan eatery Vegan Mob opened in Oakland, CA last weekend to lines around the block and sold out of its food in approximately six hours. San Francisco native Toriano Gordon first launched the business as a pop-up with a soul food menu inspired by his grandmother—who used to own a restaurant in San Francisco’s […]
    • Vegan Brand Fry Family Foods Donates 5,000 Burgers to California Food Bank   October 11, 2019
      This week, South Africa-based vegan brand Fry Family Foods donated 5,000 plant-based burgers to Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County which will distribute the donation to people who are struggling with hunger and homeless in Southern California. “When we saw that 112,000 children in Orange County may go hungry every month and that 22 […]
    • Vegan Presses Charges Against “Friends” Who Fed Her Chicken While Drunk   October 10, 2019
      A 24-year-old vegan woman on Reddit pressed charges after her then friends fed her dead chicken flesh while she was inebriated. The Redditor explained the story under the popular topic of AITA—or “Am I the A**hole?,” a post where users ask if they are to blame for the way they acted in various situations. The […]
    • Hardee’s to Offer Beyond Meat at Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner October 10, 2019
      Starting on October 16, fast-food chain Hardee’s will offer vegan Beyond Meat options at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The chain will test a new Beyond Breakfast Sausage Biscuit and an Original Beyond Thickburger for a limited time in Raleigh, NC, and Kansas City, MO. The breakfast biscuit includes a Beyond Breakfast Sausage patty on a […]
    • Bristol’s Oldest Pub Now Serves Only Vegan Food, Including Sunday Roast October 10, 2019
      The Hatchet Inn—Bristol, England’s oldest pub that dates back to 1606—now exclusively serves vegan food. The pub partnered with vegan pop-up kitchen Soy Ahoy to offer comfort food such as fully loaded nachos with cashew sour cream and vegan mozzarella, a vegan chicken burger with deep-fried vegan calamari rings, smoked gouda, and sriracha mayonnaise, along […]
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    Try out this tasty paneer tikka veggie recipe!!