What I’ve Been Eating Lately

Hello hello! I haven’t shared a What I’ve Been Eating Lately post in a while, so that’s what we’re getting into today. I like to see what other people are eating for new ideas and inspiration (especially when I’m in a food rut), so hope you like it! First things first, I plan to do an entire […]

Roasted Garlic Vegan Fettuccine Alfredo

This luscious vegan fettuccine Alfredo is made with pasta dressed in velvety sauce made from raw cashews and roasted garlic. So rich and creamy…you’d never guess this was dairy free! Not to sound like a broken record or anything, but cashews are so freaking amazing. But…there is a but. They’re best when you have a […]

Valentines Beet Soup

This original and colorful soup is a variation of Borsch, a traditional soup in Russia, Ukraine, and Poland. I love this soup’s subtle blend of flavors. It’s a salty sweet treat that warms and sparks your taste buds. Continuing reading Valentines Beet Soup on VegKitchen

Easy Vegetarian Chickpea Noodle Soup Recipe

This Chickpea Noodle Soup recipe is chocked full of healthy vegetables, hearty beans, and chewy egg noodles. This soup is a great way to get more vegetables into your meal while still enjoying the comfort of delicious pasta. Happy New Year! Ready or not, it’s… The post Easy Vegetarian Chickpea Noodle Soup Recipe appeared first […]


As you may be aware from reading this blog in the last few months, I am refining my vegan low-glycemic way of eating because of a diagnosis of pre-diabetes (and it’s working!).  I’ve lost some weight, and I’m learning to use some different ingredients and to cook a bit differently from what I was used […]

Crispy Roasted Chickpeas

It’s no secret I’m a fan of chickpeas – they’re a great addition to soups, stews, salads, sandwiches, you name it. Not only are they a good vegetarian protein source, but they can also bump up the texture in a dish. If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, though, you know that I’m […]

12 Easy and Fun Vegan Super Bowl Snacks

Here are 12 easy and fun vegan snacks for your Super Bowl gathering, starting with Mushroom and Bell Pepper Vegan Quesadillas. These make a great snack served simply with salsa and can also accompany well-seasoned chili.  Here are tasty Fully Loaded Vegan Nachos that can be made with pantry and refrigerator staples in a matter of minutes. Continuing reading 12 Easy […]

Pink Salt & Peppercorn White Chocolate Covered Strawberries

These Pink Salt & Peppercorn White Chocolate Covered Strawberries are an easy dessert perfect for date night or to finish off a Valentine’s Day dinner menu. Did I tell you that I got engaged a few weeks ago? Yes! I’ve been a little quiet about… The post Pink Salt & Peppercorn White Chocolate Covered Strawberries […]

20 Drool-worthy Vegan Taco Recipes !

20 Drool-Worthy Vegan Taco Recipes with Beans, Lentils, Cauliflower, Veggies, Jackfruit, Mushrooms, squash. Spicy, Smoky, Tangy, Crispy, Quick, Easy, many flavors! Glutenfree Soyfree Options. No Fake Meats! Its Taco Tuesday! Everyone needs some amazing Tacos in their repertoire. There’s more to Vegan Tacos than just beans! Different legumes, chickpeas, lentils, or veggies, squashes, Cauliflower, some […]


Yesterday I wanted to use up some medium-firm tofu that I had in the refrigerator.  For some reason, my mind dredged up memories of one of my late mother’s favorite snacks, or breakfast items– cottage cheese with pineapple tidbits mixed in.  Not very exciting, I know, but it sounded like a reasonable use for this […]