Raw Vegan Granola Recipe! Perfect Protein Snack or Breakfast!

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Asma Ali 4:24 how the hell would it be raw vegan than?????? 😒.

D. I would have had raw cocoa cranberry and pistachio.

Bean tikki/Rajma Tikki – Vegetarian recipe – #mamabhanjarasoi

For Stuffing you need: 1: Onion 2: Bell Pepper 3: Mushroom 4: Mozzarella cheese Step1: Soak one bowl of each (Kidney beans/Rajma, Black Chickpea and White Chickpea) for atleast 4 hrs or overnight. Step2: Add all soaked ingredients in Pressure cooker and give one whistle and rest it for 5mins. Step3: Remove excess pressure and […]

Vegan recipes you can make in less than 20 minutes

Friday, 04 October 2019 Vegan recipes you can make in less than 20 minutes | Red Month The celebrity nutritionist teamed up with PETA for Vegetarian Awareness Month to share some of the superstar's favorite dishes. #Red_Month

Veg Noodles Recipe ❤ Chilli Garlic Hakka Noodles prepared by Grandma and Mom | Village Life

Veg Noodles Recipe ❤ Chilli Garlic Hakka Noodles prepared by Grandma and Mom – Village Life 🎥 Watch new food tour video:

Puratasi Special Veg Omlette | Eggless Omlette | Veggie Omlette | Breakfast Recipes | Queen Chef

In this video, we will see to how to make eggless omlette at home. Pure veg omlette having a similar taste of egg omlette. If you are looking for a homemade recipe, gram flour is readily available in the market so easy to prepare this. Besan flour is also used in beauty properties for lightening […]

Vegan meatball sandwich. Using Mae Flowers meatball recipe

In this episode I try Mae Flowers lentil and eggplant ‘meatballs’. Make an easy marinara, and assemble a incredibly satisfying meatball sandwich that’s bursting with garlicky goodness Marinara recipe Sauté 1 small white onion and 4 cloves of garlic in olive oil until slightly translucent. Add about 3 cups fresh (or canned) tomato Stir in […]

Almond Sherbet Recipe Vegan (Badam Sherbet)

How to Make Almond Sherbet? Prepare Healthy Almond Sherbet Recipe at Home and view the measurements Thank you for watching this video. Please Subscribe to our Channel ♥ To watch our other videos ♥ ▶ Ingredients for Almond Sherbet Recipe Crushed Almonds : 150 g Sugar : 70 g – 3 tbsp Water : 1000 […]

Veggie Brownies Recipe

Veggie Brownies Recipe Subscribe To “Ninja Chefs” Channel HERE: Don't forget to Like, Share, Subscribe and turn on the notification Bell to be notify of newly released videos. Comment down below and share your thoughts with us. We thank you. Brownies with carrots and spinach…Oh My!!!…Can it be done?!!! Of course!!! Here at Ninja Chefs […]

carrot ಸಿಹಿ ಕಡುಬು । ಆವಿ ಕಡುಬು । Carrot Kadubu | Gluten free, Vegan Recipe

Here is a different version of avi kadubu. Instead of traditional coconut – jaggery filling I made carrot coconut filling, and our family loved this sweet 🙂 Hope you all try and like it too, This is GLuten-free, Vegan sweet dish.

Snow Girl Madam please jaasthi chapati side dishes upload maadi

Vegetarian Recipe #13 – Pulao – Healthy Cooking – Indian Food – Brahma Kumaris

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Deepak Kumar fantastic! thank you so much

Deepak Kumar funtastic thank you