Britannia NutriChoice NutriDabba 2- Roasted Bell Pepper Pasta, Khakra & Greek Yogurt Parfait

Here is a nutritious Healthy Office Lunch Box for you which includes 5 Grain Greek Yogurt Fruit Parfait for your morning snack, Pasta in Roasted Carrot & Red Pepper Sauce for your lunch and Khakra for your evening snack to keep you energized and happy throughout the day at work.

Date Weekend in Nashville

Paul and I had plans to celebrate Valentine’s Day on Saturday with a date night dinner at Kayne Prime. It’s a fancy steakhouse in Nashville with vegan options, and he had a huge gift card that he’d won in a work contest. Wouldn’t have been our first choice, but free food and drinks! But I […]

Masala Akki Roti Recipe – Spicy Rice Flour Flatbread

The Masala Akki Roti Recipe is a delicious spicy flat bread from karnataka that is made from rice flour. The akki roti makes a great vegan and gluten free breakfast option. Made from rice flour, shredded vegetables and spices, the Akki Roti makes for an excellent tea time snack when you have sudden guests at […]

Salted Caramel Granola Bars

After I finished grad school and had to start repaying my student loans, I decided to set up a deferred payment plan where I’d pay a smaller monthly payment for a few years, and then the payments balloon later. Obviously by then, I’d be rolling in cash from my swanky library job and I’d have […]


For information on this conference, visit: Our nonprofit is about evidence-based nutrition in the prevention and even treatment of cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and other chronic diseases, and we accept no commercial funding.  With more affordable registration prices than would be found for most accredited professional conferences in the U.S., we offer 17 continuing […]

Black Bean Soup

Black bean soup, a healthy, hearty, satisfying and comforting meal or side dish. It’s ready in 30 minutes and extremely easy to make. black bean soup Black beans are my favorite beans in the whole world and I tried them just a few years ago thanks to the blog. It was love at first taste! […]

Lemon Tempeh Air Fryer Sheet Pan Dinner

A couple of weeks ago, I became intrigued with the idea of doing sheet pan dinners in the air fryer. A sheet pan dinner is basically a one-pot meal that you cook in a pan in your oven on a baking sheet or sheet pan. Sheet pan dinners have been popular on food blogs lately, […]

Easy Vegan Black Bean Soup Recipe (Oil-free)

This Easy Vegan Black Bean Soup Recipe is Oil-free, just 8 simple ingredients and ready in less than an hour! It is not your ordinary bland black bean soup, but loaded with flavor and the perfect texture! JUMP TO RECIPE EASY VEGAN BLACK BEAN SOUP No more bland black bean soup my friends. I’ve had… […]

Delicious VEGAN BOLOGNESE Recipe! (in Italian) | The Mini Melbourne Kitchen

Grazie a tutti per aver guardato! Here is the recipe for the delicious bolognese: Bolognese Vegano: • 2 onions, finely diced • 1 carrot, peeled and finely diced • 1 stick celery, finely chopped • 1 large handful chopped basil leaves • 3 cloves garlic, crushed and finely chopped • 250 millilitres white or red […]

Tempeh Tacos from Betty Goes Vegan

I get migraines. Crazy migraines. Migraines that make me see strange glowing orbs. Migraines that make me leave hair salons in ambulances. But the worst thing about my migraines is that they cause me to have weird aversions to certain foods. So, for example, when I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch […]