Mini Chilli Cheese Aloo Kulcha Recipe is a simple kulcha stuffed with melt in the mouth cheese. This cheese kulcha can be paired along with dals and gravies, and for a change can be served as is as a short eat with your other appetizers. 

I have served these delicious Mini Chilli Cheese Aloo Kulcha with a roasted garlic dip made with Britannia roasted garlic cheese spreadz, hung yogurt, cucumber and saffron. This is a refreshing and mouthwatering dip can be made ahead of time and stored in the refrigerator as well. This dip tastes great with chips and pakoras as well. 

The kulcha dough is made by combining all purpose flour and whole wheat flour, flavoured with green chilies and the addition of yeast makes all the difference to the texture of the kulcha. 

Stuffing it with grated cheese, lifts up the kulcha, adding another dimension of taste to this lip smacking Chilli Cheese Stuffed Kulcha. Britannia Cheezza is a a stringy and melty cheese that is packed with flavour. The Britannia Cheezza has a delectable mix of Mozzarella and Cheddar which gives these Kulcha’s the cheesy twist.

Serve Mini Chilli Cheese Aloo Kulcha Recipe along with Tadkewali Masoor Dal or Dum Murgh Aatishi, Pickled Onions for a simple yet flavoursome party meal or even a special weekend dinner. 

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