Manipuri Style Alu Kangmet Recipe is simply tossed mashed potatoes in roasted dry red chillies and salt. This dish has only three ingredients and is one of the everyday dishes of manipuris.

This simple potato fry recipe can be packed into your office or kids lunch box along with a phulka and dal. You can adjust the spice level according to your taste.

Manipur is located near the eastern part of India that shares the border with Burma. They mainly consume ingredients that are fresh and grown in their households. Since the vegetables are grown at home and the same is sold in their market, their cooking includes all seasonal vegetables only.

Serve the Manipuri Style Alu Kangmet Recipe along with Tan Ngang which is the Manipuri Style Indian Puri or you can as well serve it with Puri Recipe (Puffed Fried Indian Bread) and your choice of Dal.

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