Kala Chana Salad With Grated Carrot, Cucumber & Tomatoes Recipe is a refreshing Indian salad that can be added to your diet.

The salad has soaked kala chana that are tossed along with some freshly grated carrot, crunchy cucumber and pulpy tomatoes. The dressing is also quite simple with freshly squeezed lemon and just salt to taste. Kala Chana in other words called as black chickpeas is a great way to add in the necessary protein to your everyday diet.

Did you know Kala Chana is rich in fibre and provides 13 grams of dietary fiber. A high-fiber diet lowers your cholesterol levels and helps prevent constipation. Fiber also helps regulate blood sugar levels in people suffering from diabetes. Kala Chana is also rich in calcium and iron. The vitamin C in kala chana helps improve the absorption of iron in the blood.

Serve the Kala Chana Salad with Grated Carrot, Cucumber & Tomatoes Recipe along with Palak Mushroom Makhani, Punjabi Kadhi and Jeera Rice (Pulao) for a Indian lunch or dinner.

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