How To Roast a Papad? We all love a roasted papad when it is an Indian meal plate for dinner or lunch. We also use roasted papad in recipes like Roasted Papad Chaat RecipePapad Ki Sabzi Recipe or Papad Nachos With Salsa Recipe. Urad dal papads are very good for being roasted than being deep fried, like rice papads. Urad dal papad can be made and spiced with jeera, garlic, pepper or other combination. In India, traditionally the papad are prepared during summer and sun dried. You can also buy these papads from stores.

Roasted Papad can also be made into

  1. Papad Raita Recipe
  2. Papad er Dalna (bengali style papad curry) Recipe
  3. Rajasthani Dana Methi & Papad Ka Saag Recipe

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