Find out how to make authentic Italian pizza sauce with this easy homemade recipe! 

One of my culinary missions on our last visit to Italy was figuring out how to make the BEST authentic Italian pizza. Last time it was Authentic Tomato Bruschetta and an Aperol Spritz. There was something very different from the pizzas I had been making for years at home. I realized after trying many pizzas in Italy, that the most notable difference was the sauce. I’ve made this easy pizza sauce recipe a few times at home, and am so happy to report it tastes just like in the Italian restaurants we loved. Like my Fresh Tomato Marinara, Salsa, and Dairy-Free Pesto recipes, this one is a great staple to know. 

Whereas the pizza sauce I lazily pick up from Trader Joe’s refrigerator section has a deep, rich tomato flavor loaded with spices, the pizzas in Italy had very fresh tasting sauce, without much else in them. Could it really as simple as using crushed tomatoes alone? After a bit more research, I found that my suspicion was correct. When it comes to making the best authentic pizza sauce at home, less is definitely more. Neapolitan pizza master Vito Iacopelli, shared on Youtube how he makes tomato sauce for pizza and it’s just this way with a few simple ingredients. One of my favorite Italian cooking magazines, Sale e Pepe, makes pizza even simpler by only using tomato puree and sprinkling a little salt and pepper. 


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