The Flax Seed Egg Replacer is a recipe that you can use in place of eggs for Vegan and Eggless Baking. Egg is one of the most important ingredients in baking cakes cookies and many more dishes. There is no one type of ingredient that can replicate all of these properties that an egg has.

The egg has protein, emulsifiers and many other properties that helps in building structure, helps in building air pockets that trap air bubbles. The process of whisking the egg, denatures the egg making it help trap air by creating foam.

After a lot of research I found that flaxseeds are one of the most versatile ingredients that can replace eggs for baking. Although I must say that lighter coloured cakes like sponge cake, or lighter coloured cookies get a grainy texture and look spotty with the colour of flaxseeds.

Let me also warn you that they are not going to fully perform like an egg for whipped creams or choux pastry. They are not the best of the foaming agents for super like textured baked dishes. 

But oh well, those we can buy and for the plenty that we can bake in the form of cakes and cookies, this flax seed egg replacer works like magic.

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