Find out how to make a simple tofu scramble, or load it up with farmer’s market veggies, for an awesome plate of vegan scrambled eggs. 



Let’s talk breakfast. Or maybe I should say brunch. I’ve never been a big breakfast eater. You? I workout at the gym every day just after dropping my kids off at school and can’t work out with a full tummy. So my daily breakfast usually consists of coffee with some type of plant milk (or an Apple Cider Vinegar detox drink) and maybe a few nibbles of peanut butter toast and berries. On a good day I’ll have some berry or chocolate chia pudding. On an indulgent day maybe a slice of Vegan Banana Bread

When I get home from the gym I like to refuel with a big hearty protein rich meal. That usually looks like: a Green Smoothie, Peanut Butter Smoothie or Breakfast Burrito. I have a bunch more Vegan Breakfast Ideas here, but my simple go-to, is often a tofu scramble. Tofu scramble is basically vegan scrambled eggs. It takes the same amount of time and is just as easy once you know how to make it. 


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