The Classic Cheesecake Recipe With Lemon Curd Recipe is a delicious cake that is made from cream cheese and has a gingerbread crust. This cheesecake was cooked in a Electric Pressure Cooker and you will be surprised how simple and brilliant the taste of the cheesecake turned out to be.

Most often when you bake a cheesecake in the oven, you get a crust that is cracked and that has turned golden brown. But when you use the electric pressure cooker, you will notice that none of the above happens, but yes it has steamed and cooked perfectly.

Serve this Classic Cheesecake along with Lemon Curd to your friends and family as dessert after a meal of Chicken Steak Recipe With Pan Roasted Vegetables & Potato Mash or Ultimate Potato Gratin Dauphinois

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