A refreshing and nourishing super red antioxidant beet smoothie recipe with bright juicy citrus and berries. 

I added a whole red beet to my smoothie this week. And you guys, it was amazing. This beet smoothie is cold, refreshing, blended with with bright fresh orange and frozen berries. It’s loaded with vitamin-C and antioxidants and makes a great breakfast or snack. If you love beets, you’ll love this smoothie. And if you don’t like beets, but want the health benefits, this is a great recipe for you too, as it’s easy to mask much of the beet flavor. 

Last week I shared a post all about making Green Smoothies, but this one is about the reds, which deserve some praise too. If you look around the supplement section of any natural foods store you’ll likely see “super reds” powder. According to Food Revolution Network, “Red Fruits and Vegetables Help Fight Cancer, Reduce the Risk of Diabetes and Heart Disease, Improve Skin Quality, and More.” I love our current red smoothies: Acai Bowls, Dragon Fruit Smoothies, Pitaya Smoothie Bowls, and Strawberry Banana Smoothies


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