Reviewed by
Marcy Schveibinz

Young readers will enjoy this rhyming tale about a
ferocious lion who was pretty ordinary until the day he injures himself. He
becomes unlike other lions that can run fast to catch their prey and now must
rely on plants for food. He learns from other strong plant-eating animals and realizes
that he too can be strong without eating animals. The injury helps him to
reflect on the harm he was causing other animals. He realizes a fringe benefit
of eating plants is kindness and in the end embraces his new lifestyle. The
story teaches readers about different animals that thrive only on plants and
helps them to identify with the lion in how he showed compassion toward other
living beings. Another moral of the story that kids will also learn is that you
can turn an unfortunate situation into something positive.

An Unordinary Lion (ISBN 978-1093275704) is published
by Dragana Vucic Dekic for young readers ages appropriate for ages 4-8. This 29
page soft cover picture book retails for $9.95 and can be purchase online. For
more information about other books by the author, visit the author’s blog at

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